5-Minute Try It: Hands in Sand

PURPOSE: To feel and sense the creativity that moves through arms and hands. To compare creative experiences between our dominant and non-dominant hands.

PREPARATION: Locate a bowl of sand, or a sand Zen garden, or be outside on the ground with the dirt.

Minute one: Sense into your present state of mind. Notice any sensations in your body. Allow your awareness to be concentrated in your hands and sand.

Minute two: With a bowl of sand, sink your hands in the center of bowl. Feel the texture of the sand around your fingers. Move your hands in the sand freely.

Minute three: Grab sand in your hands. Make a tight fist and release. Notice the feelings arising in your hands, fingers and arms.

Minute four: With a Zen garden, use a rake to make designs in the sand. Allow your arm and hand movement to be expressive, creative and fluid. If outside, use a small stick for expressive movement in the dirt.

Minute five: Repeat the creative expression with your non-dominant hand in the sand.

Complete your practice appreciating your hands, and being aware of the gentle and creative movements that expand your capacity. Notice the difference between dominant and non-dominant hands.

Daily 5-Minute Practice: Practice Hands in Sand several times a week to build your sensing muscles through your hands and arms. Notice any shifts in your creative expression.

Moving with awareness and use of non-dominant hands creates new neural pathways … boosting creative capacity!


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