Integral Wealth Coaching with Gayle Colman

I offer individuals and couples personalized support through my unique blend of coaching rigor, financial practicality, and spiritual depth.

Maybe you’re facing a career or life transition and need some top-notch support. Perhaps you’ve done tons of spiritual and personal development work, but none of it has touched money (most coaches are afraid of it!). Whether money matters are foremost or last on your mind, Integral Wealth Coaching invites profound shifts.

I am letting go of my past patterns and discovering consciously what I enjoy.
– Zele, Massachusetts, Entrepreneur, Professional Organizer

Wealth is more than money.
Whatever matters most to you IS your wealth. Identify your core values and create a life of meaning, passion, and purpose.

Wealth is woven into every aspect of your life.
It’s not separate from your relationships, self-worth, career, or anything else. It’s not “over there.” Money is perhaps the most intimate of topics and is woven like a tapestry into every aspect of your life.

Wealth is a portal for all personal exploration.
The issues you face around money mirror the issues you have in relationships, self-worth, career, health, family, and more. When we fully meet and address something related to one area, often other areas of our life release and blossom too. Wealth is a phenomenal gateway to deep transformation because — let’s face it — we’ve all got a little crazy around money!

Money and finances have been extremely difficult subjects for me; then I met Gayle, I knew that she was the person with whom I could transform my relationship with money.
– Chris, Texas, Master Certified Coach

Practical Rigor + Intuitive Flow

I combine three distinct areas of expertise to offer a rare exploration: of wealth, of self, and beyond with a groundbreaking approach I call Somatic Finance®:

  1. Integral Coaching® is the most comprehensive approach to personal exploration and evolution we have today. It brings together ancient wisdom and cutting-edge developmental models to honor your unique perspective and experience. Read More…
  2. Financial Planning: I’ve been a financial planning practitioner since 1983, and am co-founder of Colman Knight Advisory Group, LLC, offering Integral Wealth Advisory Services. This specialized capacity allows me to support you through the stickiest issues: money, finances, relationships, transitions, health, family, and more.
  3. Spiritual Depth: There’s a unique freedom that occurs when you drop into the essence of who you are. As a seasoned spiritual practitioner, I hold a peaceful space for you to access this liberation — through the portal of your embodied story.

Together, we meet it all with light-hearted creativity, compassion — and often silly hats.

Let Your Money Match Your Magnificence.

Ultimately, all money struggles are an interior journey. In our sessions together, I am fully present, supporting you through the “stuck” areas of your journey, opening the flow for creative solutions, and providing practical support for the manifestation of your most meaningful life.

Coaching with me is about seeing new perspectives. Opening to what’s present. Uncovering hidden limitations. Meeting the world in a sustainable way. Discovering what’s possible and how good it can get. Moving beyond helpful ideas into new, embodied ways of being. Co-creating a life worth living.

I realized that I wanted help integrating my authentic self into my work and my life. Gayle has provided a connection and accountability that makes this process possible. She is a teacher and a partner, revealing herself and her journey to me as we work together.
– Melissa, Tennessee, Certified Financial Planner®

How We Work Together

  1. We begin with a free, 15-minute Resonance Check: an opportunity to meet ‘n greet over the phone, ask a few questions, and make sure we’re both excited to work together.
  2. If we’re both a hearty “go!” we’ll reconvene for an hour-long Design Date to map out the very best coaching arrangement for you. Is a formal 10-session Integral Coaching Series the best fit? Can we accomplish your goals in 3 focused sessions? Is there another modality that might better serve you at this time? We’ll discover the answers together.
  3. We’ll meet (via phone, video cam, or in person) until your coaching program is complete.
  4. During sessions, I blend methodological rigor and intuitive flow to meet you exactly where you are in every moment. Our framework always welcomes unexpected twists and discoveries. As practice is so essential for embodying change, I also offer concrete ways for you to further your growth, learning and progress between sessions.

Integral Coach® is a trademark from Canada for Integral Coaching Canada, Inc. and licensed to Gayle Colman.