Practical Actions or Limiting Behaviors?

What kind of “practical” actions are really limiting behaviors in disguise?  I wonder …

My daughter landed a job at college while getting lost en-route to the Career Center.  Let me rephrase.  In an effort (and it is an effort) to support our daughter’s future in the world, we became insistent that she visit the career center and become familiar with the internship opportunities and with the people in the center assisting with placement. Finally Katelyn visited the center, only she never made it because she got lost. Or did she?  Upon entering a large room, with a group of people that she determined was a study group, she inquired about directions.  To which a conversation ensued with one of the students about her interests.  After a lively and engaging exchange, Katelyn was offered a job – and there was no opening.  Go figure.  When sharing this news I was totally wowed and proud.  All of my limiting thoughts and ‘shoulds’ melted as I basked in her amazingness.  She said that not only does she get paid, but she will become certified in various programs that she desires to learn for her growth.  In this position she gets to excel in her creative design passion, which will serve her well in the future.  She indicated that she would have worked without pay; but insisted it’s great that she is and her pay scale increases as she becomes more proficient in the programs she wants to master. And, did I mention this job is for four years, while she attends college?

What practical actions are fixed in your mind?  Are they inspired by your heart knowing and openness to possibilities or somewhere else?  What if you let go of them, and just see what happens?