Benevolent Doubt

Are there different kinds of doubt and are any beneficial to money? I wonder …

This past weekend a friend was reading a passage about doubt from a spiritual book.  The phrase benevolent doubt was used and my attention was on fire.  In money, doubt and uncertainty run rampant.  Building trust is a powerful expedition navigated skillfully if there is to be any experience of liberation.  Doubt runs counter to trust and creates much confusion and dis-ease around money.

So to the question, are there different kinds of doubt? Yes, I believe there are different ways of moving with doubt.  The doubt that is not supportive is contracting.  Doubt that is infused with an attachment to fear, anger and sadness creates more doubt and solidifies a position.  Doubt also desires company to reinforce that conclusion.  So once we have our position, we move to get support from others to corroborate our doubt. We can see this way of being with doubt is not helpful.

On the other hand, benevolent doubt has an opening quality that enlivens our experience and offers portals of exploration in areas that call for our mindful attention.  Can you imagine giving loving attention to every doubting money situation?  Pick anything: paying taxes, settling a bill, talking to your partner about cash-flow, trying to invest your retirement funds …

You don’t need to know much about money when you are able to practice benevolent doubt.  Are you willing to try?