An Overview Of MoneyMoves® Online Game

DAYS 1 – 4: Learn the essential tools to successfully play the MoneyMoves® Online Game

DAY 1 – Master the Essential Skill of Wonder: Evoke a genuine state of wonder and open yourself to surprising insights.

DAY 2 – Befriend the Moment: Make friends with money and energize your money journey.

DAY 3 – Open to Outrageous Fun: the Joyful Fuel for Your Journey: Learning happens most easily when you are having fun.

DAY 4 – Putting “It” All Together: Be Curious, Befriend the Moment, and Have Fun: Take your three new skills to a deeper level.

DAYS 5 – 8: MoneyMoves® Card – The Inside-Out Move

When you see an unhealthy money pattern, it’s time to look inside.

DAY 5 – Awakening Starts Inside: Whatever happens on the inside of you, offers your truth and the portal for everlasting change. Explore your central challenge with money and the underlying feelings and thoughts that keep this challenge in place.

DAY 6 – Truth… It Lives Inside of You: When you notice yourself playing out an unhealthy money pattern, it is time to look inside. Learn how your body is your ally in changing your beliefs and behavior around money.

DAY 7 – Joy-Full Integration Day

DAY 8 – Productive Rest Integration Day

DAYS 10 – 14: MoneyMoves® Card – Get Curious, Not Serious

When you’re mired in your money, open up and move toward the possibilities.

DAY 9 – Demystifying Money: Try a uniquely refreshing approach to exploring money by getting curious and opening to possibility, rather than being serious and reactive, which generates the same old answers. Explore how and when money became serious for you and how you can begin changing that.

DAY 10 – Something Always Goes “Wrong”: How do we define and perceive wrong? Let’s explore!

DAY 11 – Stretched to Stress Wearing Fifty Hats: Discover where in your money life you are committed to being serious. In a friendly and fun way, make friends with the part of you that keeps the serious game going.

DAY 12 – Joy-Full Integration Day

DAY 13 – Productive Rest Integration Day

DAYS 14 – 18: MoneyMoves® Card – Gain Interest in Increasing Your Value

You are priceless. So how can you be paid what you are really worth?

DAY 14 – You are Priceless: Open your exploration to embrace your true value and discover how things and people outside of you actually reflect your value.

DAY 15 – The Gift in Money Moments: With curiosity, inquire into how you currently value yourself, and how you don’t.

DAY 16 – Valuing Others is the Doorway to Valuing Myself: Explore the circular relationships between how you value others is also how you value yourself. Gratefully rendering money to others for goods and service can expand your sense of abundance.

DAY 17 – Joy-Full Integration Day

DAY 18 – Productive Rest Integration Day

Days 19 – 24: MoneyMoves® Card – Ready to Spend

Does this purchase help you become the person you want to be?

DAY 19 – Conscious Spending: Increase your awareness of the underlying reasons behind your spending. Is your spending about satisfying a need, a want, or a rush?

DAY 20 – Dishtowels Offer Inner Truths: Explore your underlying reasons for spending and the value you are trying to create through your purchases. Get curious about how to satisfy your desires in alternate ways to spending money.

DAY 21 – Spending and Body Wisdom: Spending money comes with body sensations that hold the key to the deep desires behind your purchasing decisions. Learn how to make your body your ally in how you allocate your resources.

DAY 22 – The Strength of Desire: Gain more awareness about spending from the signals of your body. Are you purchasing because of an adrenaline rush, or is the purchase something you genuinely need or want?

DAY 23 – Joy-Full Integration Day

DAY 24 – Productive Rest Integration Day

Days 25 – 29: MoneyMoves® Card – Naturally in a State of Abundance

To shift from scarcity to abundance, ask yourself: “How can I enjoy “plenty” where I am right now?”

DAY 25 – Claim Plenty vs. Profess Not Enough: Shift the toxic scarcity plague in your life, by noticing and appreciating what is really true about the abundance in your life and in your world.

DAY 26 – Three Toxic Money Myths: Explore how these myths show up in your life… 1) There is never enough, 2) More is better, 3) That’s just the way it is. Expand your consciousness into a state of abundance instead of scarcity.

DAY 27 – Construction Contractions: Notice how your stories about being taken advantaged of or being burdened, add to your sense of scarcity, and get willing to release your scarcity beliefs.

DAY 28 – Joy-Full Integration Day

DAY 29 – Productive Rest Integration Day

DAYS 30 – 33: MoneyMoves® Card – Three Buckets of Sand

A simple money practice for the young and old.

DAY 30 – Three Buckets: Make allocating your resources very simple with these three choices… 1) Something for today, 2) Something for tomorrow, 3) Something to give away. Allow your body and its messages to be your guide.

DAY 31 – Financial Literacy: Build your own belief in your ability to handle your finances in a way that serves you best. Learn how to become more financially literate.

DAY 32 – Joy-Full Integration Day

DAY 33 – Productive Rest Integration Day

DAYS 34 – 39: MoneyMoves® Card – True Wealth is in Our H.E.A.R.T.S.

Beyond money… Health, Endowment, Abilities, Stories, Time, and Relationships are the things that make you truly wealthy.

DAY 34 – True Wealth is in Our H.E.A.R.T.S. It is well known that money does not bring happiness. Yet we fail to look deeper at what brings authentic meaning and joy to our life.

DAY 35 – Claiming Abilities: Embracing your natural gifts and unique abilities leads to happiness and fulfillment. The keys to your unique abilities can be found in your childhood.

DAY 36 – Be the Master of Time: Life happens in the present moment, yet we often spend our time living in the past or the future. Learn how to make time your ally.

DAY 37 – The Stories We Leave Behind: Contemplate what you want your legacy to be. Who do you want to be remembered as? What do you want to be remembered for? What is your story?

DAY 38 – Joy-Full Integration Day

DAY 39 – Productive Rest Integration Day

DAYS 40 – 43: MoneyMoves® Card – MoneyMoves

In Debt? Turn it Around! A process to face and transform your habits.

DAY 40 – Relationship with Debt: Debt can be healthy or unhealthy. Does your debt serve you in the short-term and long-term and help you live the life you really want?

DAY 41 – Leverage Life: Identify what a healthy level of debt looks like to you and consider your willingness to use available forms of money (through debt) to serve your purpose–filled life.

DAY 42 – Joy-Full Integration Day

DAY 43 – Productive Rest Integration Day

DAYS 44 – 49: MoneyMoves® Card – Financial Planning on a Toothpick

Being money smart is simpler than you think.

DAY 44 – BEING Money Savvy: With willingness and commitment you can engage in simple financial planning by employing these three strategies, 1) Save More, 2) Spend Less, 3) Be smart.

DAY 45 – Money Confidence: Confidence is a firm belief in your power, your ability, and your capacity. Learn how to tap into your confidence around money.

DAY 46 – Cultivate Intention: Your intention is your aim that guides your actions and reflects what you really want. Create a vision of what you want your money and finances to look like.

DAY 47 – Pay Attention to Your Integrity: Being out of integrity will block your efforts to create the financial picture you most want. Create a strategy to stand in your full integrity around money.

DAY 48 – Joy-Full Integration Day

DAY 49 – Productive Rest Integration Day

DAYS 50 – 53: MoneyMoves® Card – Try Rewirement

The word “retirement” needs to be retired in favor of taking the fewest steps toward freedom

DAY 50 – Retire the Notion of Retirement: Many believe retirement is the mythical point of financial independence, of freedom. What is true is, a sense of freedom is available to you right now.

DAY 51 – Play in Your Genius, Now! Expressing your innate genius brings satisfaction in this moment and every moment of your life. Explore where you are currently expressing your life energy, in the zones of Incompetence, Competence, Excellence, and Genius.

DAY 52 – Joy-Full Integration Day

DAY 53 – Productive Rest Integration Day

DAYS 54 – 58: MoneyMoves® Card – Embrace the Space

When in transition, between an end and a beginning there is a pause.

DAY 54 – What is a Healthy Financial Transition? Typical money transitions include things such as marriage, disability, divorce, inheritance, death, and so on. Discover how you typically experience transition.

DAY 55 – A Healthy Pause, What is it? The pause in transition is the neutral zone, where we stop “doing” and start “being”. This is where reflection, appreciation, and new awareness emerge.

DAY 56 – Change is a Challenge: In transition, we often rush into change without fully letting go of the past. Identify where you may be lingering in the past as it relates to your finances.

DAY 57 – Joy-Full Integration Day

DAY 58 – Productive Rest Integration Day

DAYS 59 – 60: MoneyMoves® Card – We Can’t Take It With Us

We are merely stewards of what we own.

Day 59 – My Father’s Legacy: Explore the highest and best use of the money you steward and where you currently stand in this stewardship.

Day 60 – Do You Want an Object or an Experience: Objects are temporary, you can use and enjoy them, but eventually they wear out. Experience lasts a lifetime, you can enjoy your experiences over-and-over. Appreciate yourself for how you currently steward your money, time, energy, and things.

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