Somatic Finance® 5 Minute Try Its

Somatic Finance® is experienced as a Path of Practice. Embodying the principles of Somatic Finance requires building muscles with practice, so that the wisdom of our body joins the wisdom of our mind.

While not separate, it is only with practice that we become fully aware that our mind and body are one. It is only with practice that our body is invited to serve our mind and our mind is invited to serve our body.

Five-minute try it’s are short and powerful practices on your path to financial integrity. We encourage you to just try it and see how strong your Somatic Finance muscles can be!

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5-Minute Try It: Clearing Clutter

Minute one: Find an area in your environment that is cluttered (i.e. desk, car, drawer) that you want to organize. Select one area (pile or shelf) to clear. Check in with your body (thoughts, feelings and sensations) when you observe the clutter.

Minute two: Get a trash can and two boxes (or other containers) Breathe and prepare to clear the clutter by doing one of three actions: put away, throw away, or give away. Continue Reading →

5-Minute Try It: Embracing Space

Minute one: Sit comfortably in a chair. Locate your buttocks on the cushion and your feet on the floor. Lengthen your spine and bring your breath gently down to your belly center. Close your eyes if you desire.

Minute two: Pay attention to your breath in your belly. As you exhale each breath, draw your belly firmly into your spine squeezing out all air. Repeat with each breath, paying attention to the core of your belly on the inhale and the exhale. Continue Reading →

5-Minute Try It: Just Relax

Minute one: Check in with and locate your body. Close your eyes. Notice your thoughts, notice your feelings, notice your sensations. Be curious. There is NOTHING to DO.

Minute two: See your thoughts. Don’t try to DO anything with your thoughts, just see them. Continue Reading →