5-Minute Try It: Rest to Renewal

Still five minutes but a new format…

PURPOSE: To practice the art of rest (somewhere other than bed) which opens the gateway to renewal. Spring has arrived. Are you feeling renewed? If not, try resting, really resting, to renewal.

PREPARATION: For practice, you will need: a chair, comfortable clothing, willingness to rest.

Minute one: Sit comfortably on your buttocks and sense your entire body. Feel your weight grounded in gravity.

Minute two: Allow thoughts to fade as your full attention stays on your body and rests downward into the earth. Drop your awareness down through your legs and feet.

Minute three: Notice your spine: vertical, centered, spacious, and still. Feel gravity supporting the ease of sitting.

Minute four: Allow your arms to hang loose, shoulders to soften, hands on thighs or by your side.

Minute five: With every outbreath release downward.
With every in-breath feel gravity and ease.

Complete your practice noticing your rested energy.
Calm, slow, peaceful, serene.

Daily 5-Minute Practice:

Practice Rest to Renewal for one week.
Notice the difference in your energy and feelings of renewal.
Recognize that when you are able to really rest,
then you really feel renewed.


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