PURPOSE: The more you welcome others, situations and what is, the freer and happier you become.

PREPARATION: Be willing; let go of your concept of open and limited; comfortable clothing preferable.

Minute one: Feel your present body state of openness. Declare your willingness to open further. What does your present state feel like in your body?

Minute two: Now pay attention to your entire body and notice what area calls your attention.  Usually tension calls your attention and is not open. Acknowledge and let go.

Minute three: Now sense in your body where you feel open. Bring your awareness directly to this space and begin to expand the openness.

Minute four: Allow this openness to move to other parts of your body. See if the open space can reach the tension part of your body.

Minute five: Stay with the open space and just when you believe you are as open as you can be, open further. Breathe and open.

Complete your practice by opening and staying in a nature state of openness with a commitment to open further when you close.

Daily 5 minute Practice: Practice Open Further each morning when you wake up, upon your first glance out the window, seeing infinity in the sky, state: “I am opening and opening further.”