5-Minute Try It: The Business Meeting

In honor of  everyone who has ever or will ever sit in a business meeting…

Minute one:  While seated at the table before the meeting begins, be aware of your entire felt sense of your body. Intensify your body awareness.

Minute two:  Pay attention to the soles of your feet touching the floor. Root down into the earth and draw earth’s energy up through the bottom of your feet into your legs.

Minute three:  Connect the energy arising in your legs to your buttocks. Rest your buttocks into gravity.

Minute four:  Allowing gravity to ground your buttocks, lengthen your spine.  Allow your spine to spring up with ease. Open your chest. Stretch your neck to the sky.

Minute five:  Feel the polarities of rooted power below and open presence above. Mind like the sky. Body like the ocean. Heart like the rays of the sun.

Complete your practice by continuing to hold your body awareness throughout the entire meeting. When you “lose” your body, find it again. Repeat.