5-Minute Try It: Strengthen Your Core

Minute one: Smile while standing tall and lunge your right foot forward so that your knee is bent 90 degrees perpendicular to the ground. Either stay here for 30 seconds and switch to the left foot or alternate your right and left foot forward.

Minute two:  Still smiling, lie on your back with your feet raised high in the air and crunch your torso forward. Stretch your arms and hands forward by the side of your legs and pulse forward on your out breath.

Minute three: Turn on your left side for a side plank. With your right foot in front of your left, raise your body up with your elbow directly under your shoulder and hips off the ground. Continue to smile and if you need a rest, take a rest and return.

Minute four: Turn to your right side and repeat the practice above. Feel your lips and cheeks smile.

Minute five: Turn to face the ground. Do as many push-ups as you are able in this minute. Put your knees down if your body needs a rest. Smile.

Complete your practice by smiling and noticing the sensations in your muscles smiling with you.