5-Minute Try It: Spiral In – What’s Right?

PURPOSE: To loosen the grip of what’s wrong/requiring fixing, figuring, and futzing around.

Minute one: Squint your eyes tight with just a sliver of light and say out loud “that’s wrong.” Notice how your body responds to “that’s wrong.”

Minute two: Shake it off with a wiggle and jiggle. Open eyes wide. Declare – out loud – “this is right.” Repeat again and again and again.

Minute three: Allow the phrase to sink into your senses. Say the phrase in different tones and paces while moving your body in pleasurable ways.

Minute four: What do you notice? What thoughts, feelings and sensations in your body arise?

Minute five: Locate one place in your body that’s clear with right; intensify “right.”

Complete this practice by radiating right all over your body, to and through your skin and out to the space around you.

Daily 5 minute Practice: Practice Spiral In – What’s Right? as a consistent view. Any time you see something “wrong,” take the other perspective and ask, what is right?


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