On your next moment of shopping or spending, try this exercise.

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Minute one: Pause with the item(s) you have ready to purchase. Ask, “Am I satisfying a need, a want or a rush?”

Minute two: Bring your attention to your body and notice the sensations, and where they are located. Do your sensations feel fast and frenetic, or slow and grounded?

Minute three: Tell yourself you can have anything you need and anything you want. Imagine you purchase this item or these items.

Minute four: Intensify this visualization. What happens after your purchase? When you notice your feelings and body sensations, what are they telling you?

Minute five: Using your body awareness as a guide, decide on your next action to purchase or not. Take the action to purchase or not.

Complete your practice by… naming the action as a need or want or rush. Feel appreciation by being in alignment, no judgment, with your action.