5-Minute Try It: Movement & Stillness – Action & Clarity

Before you Try It, click here to read up on The Plug and The Socket, from the article earlier this month.

Minute one: Determine if you are practicing the Plug or the Socket. Create a gesture to reflect that intention and express it out loud.

Minute two: With your gesture, intensify your energy and notice how familiar, or not, this body stance feels. Stay present to it.

Minute three: Seek clarity. As a plugger, intend to see clearly what action is needed. As a socket, intend to be transparent so others can see clearly.

Minute four: Open and intensify clarity so that your body generates the energy to activate the right response.

Minute five: Trust. Whatever arises in the open clarity, trust that the response meets your intention of plugging in or revealing a socket.

Complete your practice with an appreciation of the synergy of connecting.


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