5-Minute Try It: Happy Tapper

Note: This takes a little preparation if you want the full experience. Insert tacks on the bottom of flat (no heels) shoes. A bow to my friend, Julia C., who bestowed me with the moniker, Happy Tapper.

Minute one: Donning tap shoes wiggle your buttocks and loosen your legs by jiggling and bending your knees. (Extra Credit: put on jazzy music to inspire your dance.)

Minute two: Get your tapping groove going … three taps with your right toe, three taps with your left toe. After several rounds, feeling your way, begin using your heel … one tap in front with right heel, one tap in front with left.

Minute three:  Deepen your groove with a “front, back, down” shuffle. With right foot, flick your foot forward and back (lightly tapping – slapping – the ground) with the front part of your foot and then back in place. Practice this three part move until you get the rhythm. Repeat with your left foot.

Minute four:  Improv tap – click your tap shoes on the ground any way that feels fun. Shuffle ball change OR shuffle shuffle shuffle OR tap tap tap.

Minute five: Notice the energy in your legs in the form of sensations, heat and muscle strength.

Complete your practice by smiling. Yes, smile. Feel the happy in tapping.