5-Minute Try It: Gifts from More than Self

Note: Try this practice now – as the season of gift-giving is ramping up.

Minute one: Bring to mind the person to whom you would like to bestow a gift – for any reason or event. Open your heart center and feel this person deeply. Ask, what would serve him/her now?

Minute two: Allow images to come to your mind that reflect love, service and amusement for this precious human being.

Minute three: Pay close attention to the images that arise AND your felt body experiences as they arise. When are you “lit up”?

Minute four: Where you are lit up about a particular gift, is that an authentic heart centered opening, or an adrenaline rush? Become familiar with the difference and commit to giving authentically.

Minute five: For every (may be just one) image that arises from authentic space, decide on the gift, imagine this person enjoying the gift, complete with clarity on your next action.

Complete your practice by setting a lifelong intention to give authentically from the heart – that which serves the receiver.


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