5-Minute Try It: Earth & Body: Connect, Merge & Breathe

Note: Inspired by my teacher, Reggie Ray, and other body-meditation practices. Get willing to lie on the ground …

Minute one: Lie down on the ground/ floor with your knees bent and together, feet comfortably apart, hands resting right over left on belly. (Strap your knees together above your quads for extra support if desired.)

Minute two: Rest into gravity and notice any tension located in your body. Tensions might be: body sensations, pain, thoughts, tingles and feelings, etc.

Minute three: Bring your awareness to the points where your body makes contact with the earth. Connect these points energetically and allow your tension to merge with the earth through these points.

Minute four: Use your breath to magnetize merging and to soften. On the in-breath, access tension. On the out-breath, release, through the points of contact.

Minute five: Merge your breath with the earth. Harmonize the movement. Soften any and all body tension by releasing and merging with the earth.   Complete your practice by inviting the earth to continue to receive any tension that arises through all points of contact.



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