5-Minute Try It: Buzz With The Earth – Nature Nurtures!

Note:  Don’t try this if it’s raining or damp and if you are not willing to look like you are in love with the ground.

Minute one:  Go outside in the fresh air and plop down on the ground. Get in direct contact with the earth while lying face up. With eyes open or closed, feel the energy of the earth buzzing where you connect.

Minute two:   Turn over, face turned to one side. Eyes closed, feel the energy of the earth buzzing where you connect.  Notice your breath soften and slow down.

Minute three:  Stay put. Turn your face to the opposite cheek. Eyes closed. Feel a deeper flow connecting your body to the earth. Notice where you end and the earth begins. Are boundaries between you and the earth dissolving?

Minute four:  Turn over. On your back, sense the energy buzzing where your body connects. Where are your body boundaries now? What is the same and what is different from the first time on your back 2 minutes ago?

Minute five:  Continue to expand your awareness into the earth and sense nourishing energy in, out and all around.

Complete your practice by sending the nourishing energy to a specific person, place or group.


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