5-Minute Try It: Five Stages of Learning to Embodiment

Minute one: Hear. Listen openly to the sounds, voices, words in your present space.

Minute two: Review. Review the sounds you heard. What were the sounds? How do you relate to them?

Minute three: Understand. Your cognition digests the sounds and gives sound meaning. Then, the meaning gets organized so you can relate to the information.

Note: these first three stages are only cognitive.

Minute four: Practice. Stage four ignites practices for embodiment. Sound comes in through your sense organ and through vibration in your body. Be aware of the sensations of your body as you listen to sounds.

Minute five: Embody. Eventually, with practice, you will be able to listen with your whole body, including all sounds in your ear.

Complete your practice recognizing the difference in cognitive listening and whole body listening. Whole body listening is a lifelong practice.