5-Minute Try It: Feet Love

PURPOSE: To recognize the important of our feet for sustained mobility and balance. With practice, we strengthen our capacity to connect powerfully with the earth and feel supported.

PREPARATION: For practice, you will need: a chair, comfortable clothing, bare feet.

Minute one: Sit comfortably with soles of feet touching the earth. Placing attention on your feet, consider them to be like hands resting on the earth.

Minute two: Appreciate the connection your feet have each time you step. With appreciation in mind, bring your left foot to rest on your right knee. Give your foot a few hand taps and a massage.

Minute three: Take your right hand and interlace your fingers in your toes like a handshake. Relax your foot as your hand makes circular motions while holding the toes.

Minute four: Release your foot back to the ground and notice the difference with your right foot. How does your left foot feel more alive?

Minute five: Repeat the steps with your right foot on your left knee.

Complete your practice with your soles resting on the ground; alive, awake and ready to support you.

Daily 5-Minute Practice: Practice Feet Love any time of the day (the shower works!) to strengthen your flexibility, balance and feet health. After a few weeks of practice, notice when moving the ease of your stride and connection to the ground. 

Feet Love creates Happy Feet!


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