5-Minute Try It: Favorite Props

PURPOSE: To share my personal favorite props for relating to and enjoying my body. And, to invite you to try them and/or get curious about your favorite body props and deepen your experience enjoying your body and your body sensations.

PREPARATION: Ideas: pinky ball or massage ball; a tongue scraper; Head massager.

Minute one: Gather your props and appreciate the ways these props engage you and tap into unique body sensations.

Minute two: Retrieve your ball and begin to roll the ball under your hand or foot. Feel the moving connection to the ball next to your skin. Notice any sensations, tingles, tension that arises with the pressure against the ball. When you release the ball, notice the sensations that remain on your skin.

Minute three: Retrieve your tongue scraper. (The recommendation is to use it each morning before you brush your teeth.) With careful attention,place the tongue scraper at the back of your tongue and gently drag the utensil forward across your tongue. Notice any debris on the scraper. Notice the feeling on your tongue.

Minute four: Retrieve your head massager. Begin to gently move the prongs up and down your head in varying speeds. Notice your favorite pace and enjoy the sensations arising from your prop.

Minute five: Take a deep breath in your belly, filling your core, your upper belly, chest, lungs and collar bones. Allow this breath to deepen your awareness of the sensations activated from your props.

Complete your practice by appreciating the useful props available to you and by committing to a daily practice – just 5 minutes for each prop.

Daily 5-Minute Practice: 

Practice Favorite Props as follows:
tongue scraper each morning before you brush your teeth to improve health;
ball roller, each morning after you shower (before dressing) to build awareness of sole connection and sensations;
head massager, any time of the day to relax and enjoy sensations on your head.

Claim your favorite props and share with others!