5-Minute Try It: Have a Five-Year-Old Fit

Note:  I admit it. This Try-It indulges the little one in you that did not fully express his/her anger.

Minute one: Bring to mind a recent or distant experience of anger, frustration, agitation, irritation or rage.  Allow the story to fully engage your senses.

Minute two: With the story and emotion in full energy, tune into your body and notice where the tension is most alive.

Minute three: Now, vigorously move your body. Stomp your feet. Flap your arms. Clench your teeth and jaws. Gyrate your torso. Fully engage your body!

Minute four: Add sound to your movement to match the energy. Experiment with high and low tones. Sustain the sound that most enlivens and matches you.

Minute five: Thoroughly exhaust the energy you brought to this practice. Transition finding your breath into a calm presence.

Complete your practice by reflecting on your story and notice the shifts in your body (thoughts, feelings and sensations).  What has opened for you?



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