5-Minute Try It: Gratitude from the Inside Out

Minute one: Center your body and locate your feet. Begin to massage your feet with your hands and give gratitude. How have your feet served you? Keeping the answers in mind, attend to your feet with kindness and care.

Minute two: Now locate your hands. Give your hands attention any way that feels good to you, (e.g. gentle strokes, pressure points, prayer, clasped together). How have your hands served you? Give them appreciative attention.

Minute three: Locate your heart center and place your hands on your heart, left under the right. Feel the presence of love and gratitude moving from your hands into your heart. Notice your heart beat and with each beat, presence gratitude for your life.

Minute four: Expand your gratitude from your hands, heart and feet to all areas of your body. How has your body served you? Notice the sensations in your body indicating your aliveness; picture a glowing light throughout your body and give appreciative attention to the entirety.

Minute five: Radiate the light, like the sun, from all parts of your body showering gratitude energy from the inside out.

Complete your practice by continuing to radiate love and gratitude to others throughout your day.