Five-Minute Try-It: Feeling Interiority


Click photo for video.

PURPOSE: Become intimately familiar with the interiority of our body: movement, sensations, pressure, and temperature are always present yet may not be identified in our awareness.

PREPARATION: Choose one side of the body to play with, left or right.

Minute one: On the chosen side, move hand, elbow, hand, arm. Bring full attention to that one side.

Minute two: Stretch arm on selected side: up over your head, across your chest, back behind you.

Minute three: Get the foot involved, rotating your ankle. Stretch your leg, move and release your hip.

Minute four: Stand still, perhaps with eyes closed. Notice the difference between the two sides.

Minute five: Describe, either mentally or aloud, how each side feels, with descriptive adjectives.

Complete your practice taking this awareness as you are going through your daily activities.

Realize that when you move your body, you can activate your energy. Notice the texture, energy, and sensations that awaken when you move your body, and allow that energy to be something that supports you in your life.

Embrace that juicy alive energy that is you!