Five-Minute Try-It: Connecting with the Earth – Sitting

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PURPOSE: Build a deeper relationship with the earth.

PREPARATION: Find a quiet place outside where you will not be disturbed. Build on the prior connection with the earth and the mantra: releasing, receiving, connecting, co-creating.

Minute one: In a comfortable seated position, feel your bottom connected to the earth and begin to access the tension and fatigue in your body.

Minute two: With each breath, root deeper by dropping, releasing tension and fatigue down, and receiving nourishment from the earth.

Minute three: Continue to release and receive energy, like an infinity loop between you and the earth. The earth matches your releasing and receiving, and this is how you connect and co-create.

Minute four: As your body relaxes, feel and start releasing, receiving, connecting, co-creating.

Minute five: Deepen releasing, receiving, connecting, co-creating. Notice the difference in your quality of sitting. What do you notice? Is energy moving in stillness?

Complete your practice taking three deep body breaths and committing to re-connecting with the earth while sitting regularly.