Five-Minute Try-It: Attention Flow – to Work or Rest?

Click photo for video.

PURPOSE: To gain familiarity with your preference to work or rest, and to bring balance to your movement.

Minute one: Our bodies signal the ability to move (work) or the need to slow/stop (rest). Bring awareness to the felt sense in your body.

Minute two: Notice your body temperature, movement and pressure. Take a breath. Ask your body with neutrality: rest or work? One is not better than the other.

Minute three: If your body answers rest, pause and rest your whole body or even one part of your body. Place your full attention on your body resting. Allow tension to release downward.

Minute four: If your body answers work, get in motion with intention. Go fill a glass with water with clarity of movement and intention. Drink the water. Now what?

Minute five: Send appreciation waves in and out – supporting the flow of balance.

Complete your practice by recognizing the moment by moment balance our bodies offer and the benefit of this balance to every aspect of life.