5-Minute Try It: Ecstatic Work

PURPOSE: To nourish your Work in genius or move toward increased Genius activity.

Minute one: Get a sense of the three aspects of genius: Passion, Skills and Impact. Recognize energy, ease and generosity as somatic experiences when activating genius.

Minute two: Visualize your work activity with sincerity and intensity. Feel your body sensations.

Minute three: Does your body feel energy? …. vibrancy, movement, vitality, alive

Minute four: Does your body feel ease? …. calm, fluid, spacious, still

Minute five: Does your body feel generosity? …. warmth, a heart smile, open, connection

Complete this practice by assessing your percent of genius play – combine that assessment with one of the following commitments:

  1. to be in your genius more than 50% of the time,
  2. to be in your genius more than 75% of the time, or
  3. to be in your genius 100% of time and inspire others to be in theirs.

Daily 5 minute Practice: Practice Ecstatic Work with intention and commitment by reflecting on and feeling deeply your three areas of genius activities:

  • Passion (energy),
  • Skills (ease) and
  • Impact (generosity).

Co-create with your body to optimize Genius – generating energy, flowing with ease and opening the heart.