5-Minute Try It: Bronze Medal Mastery

PURPOSE: To taste the edge of what is next and sense now & next in a whole new way, opening the way for Bronze Medal Mastery.

Minute one: Bring to mind an activity you presently enjoy. (e.g. fishing, golfing, playing tennis, knitting, cooking)

Minute two: Reflect with deep interest on your most recent experience. Notice your energy and body sensations.

Minute three: What does your body say about this activity? Hint: if you have more energy, it indicates a resonance, perhaps a near-win.

Minute four: When will you practice this activity again? What does your body say now?

Minute five: Are you willing to explore your ways of mastery, so that your practice of mastery opens up to the mastery of your life?

Complete your practice with a heart smile – place hands over heart with appreciation for each moment as a new edge to master.

Daily 5 minute Practice: Practice Bronze Medal Mastery with intention by reflecting on your life activities. Consider bringing Money Mastery to your experience. Are you willing to experience money over and over again as a near win? Be awake to the vitality of your life that is moving on the edge.


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