PURPOSE: To become very familiar with the belly center, the felt sense of different situations (i.e. relaxed, closed, scared, confident) and what the belly – this part of our body map – has to offer us.

PREPARATION: Comfortable clothing preferable; chair optional.

Minute one: Bring your hands to the center of your belly to
support your access to your belly.

Minute two: Allow breath to enter your belly and feel your belly expand like a balloon.

Minute three: With more space in your belly, notice the quality of your belly right now. How would you describe it? Grounded, open, tingling?

Minute four: Continue to practice breathing into your belly. How do these sensations expand throughout your body?

Minute five: Notice how the qualities of confidence and power are intimately connected to your belly. Become aware of how these qualities arise as you practice.

Complete your practice recognizing how developing a strong belly center allows you to be more present and in integrity in each moment.

Daily 5-minute Practice: Practice Belly Expansion when you’re inspired, or develop a regular practice, such as as you sit down before a meal.