5-Minute Try It: Moved by Music – Breathe-Sway-Pause

Heads-Up … this month’s try-it may take you to the edge of comfort. And that is the point, isn’t it!? Try it, experiment, practice – to your level of comfort or slight discomfort. Find your edge, then try-it.

Minute one: Breathe. While sitting, gently rock your pelvis forward and back and breathe through your nose. Feel the cool air enter your nostrils and flow down to your belly.

Minute two: Move. While standing, creatively move the joints in your body. Begin with your feet & legs, add wrists & arms, include shoulders and hips, end with neck and jaw. Try circles, figure 8’s, pulsing, slow or fast.

Minute three: Express. Allow your body impulse to move you in new ways. Without thought, express body movement and sound. Allow words and/or sounds to arise and move through you.

Minute four: Pause. Be still and listen to your body. Notice the sensations and energy flowing in your body. Relax into stillness.

Minute five: Dance. Release any inhibition and groove your unique move… as in dance like no one is watching (or maybe everyone is watching!)

Complete your practice by celebrating. Smile and recognize your life as a Gift that you are Stewarding.

*Attributed to my friend, Michael Deloughery, Ease N Flow Meditation. Click here for his 20 minute expanded version.

Bonus: Try this with and without music. Notice the difference and how music moves you.


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