5-Minute Try It: Growing Gratitude

Minute one: Write unedited on a blank piece of paper the people, places, things and experiences that you appreciate.

Minute two: Review your list and select one entry on your list to appreciate. Bring to mind a visual of your selection.

Minute three: Place your full attention on the visual. Magnify the visual by including words, sound, breath, voices, and context in your gratitude attention.

Minute four: Bring your attention to the sensations in your body. Where is gratitude located? What does it feel like? Smile and magnify it.

Minute five: Return to your visual and energetically connect the felt sense in your body with gratitude. Allow your heart to smile.

Complete your practice by grounding gratitude with your heart. Grow gratitude by catalyzing this body experience … anytime!

Bonus activity: Start a gratitude journal