5-Minute Try It: Feelings are Friends – FEEL Them!

Minute one: Sitting or standing comfortably, bring to mind a situation that causes you distress.  Mentally intensify the situation.

Minute two: Quickly determine what primary emotion arises when you bring to mind this situation. Holding this emotion lightly, take your awareness to your entire felt sense of your body.

Minute three: What area of your body is calling your attention?  Place your full attention on this area and describe your sensations. (i.e. thick, hot, tingly, pulsing, streaming …)

Minute four: Stay with the sensations, fully bringing your breath to that area of your body.  Notice any shifts in the sensations.

Minute five: As the sensations shift, notice any changes in your physical, emotional or mental state, and any “space” or distance that has now arisen around the situation.

Complete your practice by reflecting on the situation and accessing any insights from this practice. What’s new? What’s possible?

*To assist you with this practice, download the Body Verbs-Body Map PDF.



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