5-Minute Try It: Clearing Clutter

Minute one: Find an area in your environment that is cluttered (i.e. desk, car, drawer) that you want to organize. Select one area (pile or shelf) to clear. Check in with your body (thoughts, feelings and sensations) when you observe the clutter.

Minute two: Get a trash can and two boxes (or other containers) Breathe and prepare to clear the clutter by doing one of three actions: put away, throw away, or give away.

Minute three: Quickly, no thought, take the first item from your clutter and determine if it is put, throw or give away.  Throw trash in the garbage, and place all other items into your boxes for ‘put away’  or ‘give away.’

Minute four: Continue sorting, while breathing in as you pick up each item, and breathing out as you place the item in the appropriate container.   Appreciate yourself as you attend to each item.

Minute five: Label your piles (or boxes) with sticky notes that say “put” or “give away”. If you have another five minutes, consider clearing another pile. Otherwise, mark a date on your calendar to attend to what remains.

Complete your practice by appreciating the area you cleared and observing your body (thoughts, feelings and sensations). Notice the completion of your out-breath. Compare and contrast to your check-in in minute one.